I went into Walmart and as usual I kept my receipt out to show the door greeter. When I presented her my receipt, she took it and said, “Thanis for not getting mad at me.” My heart went out to her. I reassured her by saying, “I wouldn’t get mad at you.”

I started remembering when I worked as a cashier in a small gas mart and having to deal with irate customers over orders or store policy passed on by the boss. Many days I wanted to break down and cry.

These employees are following store policy but get the brunt of the customers anger. It can get stressful, demeaning and difficult. Please take a moment to pause and be a little extra kind today. It doesn’t cost anything, it doesn’t even take any extra time just to be nice and understanding.

Someday you may need a kind word or extra understanding from a stranger to keep from breaking down and crying. All it will cost you is a moment of empathy and compassion.