Free at last

I thought I had my future planned out.  LOL little did I know that the rest of my life would be played out very different.
I was going to get rid of everything but a few things, sell my home move into a van and take off into the great unknown.  I did get rid of so much stuff, in the attitude of becoming a great minimalist.
 I was doing repairs and preparing my place to put on the market.

There were times I just wanted to set a match to the trailer and run not walk away but RUN!

My house became so empty that you could hear an echo.  Even my thoughts echoed to me, “So this is what my life had become.”  Things I had hung onto of what I would do someday do were now things I was getting rid of. I realized they really weren’t that important after all.

I felt a sense of freedom,  I didn’t realize I was burdening myself with projects of what I would do someday. I continued to unload my home except holding a few things back.
As I did repairs and prepped my home to sell, I looked around and smiled.  My home had become a blank canvas for me. I was building  my own Nirvana or Zen and had no clue.
 I was reinventing my life.
There is no longer an echo of what I would someday do but a beckoning of a better tomorrow.
Now when I listen, I hear, “Welcome home Debi.” and a real sense of serenity that I am finally home washes over me.