What right do I have?

We cannot and must not judge people.  We knowing or at least should know right from wrong and can judge a persons actions or behaviors but we don’t have the right to judge them as individuals.  It is the difference between saying someone IS bad and what someone is doing is bad.  we don’t have the right to EVER say who is going to hell and who isn’t. There is only one person who has the right, and that person knows us, he knows our thoughts, what is in our hearts and what we have been through.  He paid the price for our sins, He suffered for us, He died on the cross for us.  He was perfect. 
How can an imperfect person judge another imperfect person?

The scriptures states in  Matthew 7:5.  Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

With that being said, we can only judge someones’ actions, otherwise how can we decide if choices we make are right or wrong? One day when we all stand before our God at the judgement seat.  We will be stripped of any facade of who we have portrayed ourselves to be.  We will not be able to pretend we are without sin,  we will humbly stand and see ourselves in the truest light.  Our thoughts, actions, good and bad will  be there to expose us in the most honest light.  I believe we will have to face God and then we will be asked, “How do you think you have done in your life?”
We will have no choice but to be honest because we cannot stand before Him and lie.  For those we have wronged we will have to feel what they have felt because of our actions.  I often think of how humbling that will be. 
When we have made a recounting of those things that we have not repented of in this life, it will be then that Jesus will step forward on our behalf and given an account of the good we have done. It is then that the hand of mercy is extended to us.  Christs’ grace will bridge the gap between us and being welcome back into  God’s presence.

A day of just relaxing

There are times when my brain just needs to veg out. Today has been that kind of day. But I did want to put a few things up to bring something positive into your lives and day.