Hello young lovers wherever you are.

My Valentines are no longer with me.  They were my 3 shih-tsus  They made my life complete, they were great loyal companions.  Unfortunately one was taken from me due to Cancer, A year later another was taken due to old age, and last but not least one developed Congestive Heart Failure.  I still mourn the losses but it is because I loved them that much. 

It seems like a sad Valentines day memory but I feel so blessed to have been able to experience a love so deep that I chose to stay with each until they were no longer with me.  I was blessed by each one for their unique personalities and the true joy they brought me while they lived.

I still have 8 Valentines that I share my heart with now and that is my children.  They each add something special to my life that no one else can.  Even though they are grown, I am now and will always be “mom”, something that no one can take from me.

So even though I don’t celebrate Valentines Day in the traditional sense.  I am so grateful for the love I have shared and still share. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!