Don’t hang onto the past, it has nothing to offer.

Too many times we hang onto the past like a piece of old luggage weighing us down. All the while dragging it behind us. Along the way, it continues to pick up debris until it is so heavy that we become more weighed down by it until we can longer move. We don’t let go of it because we feel it is all we have. It is a mindset of “If I let it go, what will I become?”

Let it go, it has nothing to offer except to keep you from moving into a new day of becoming the person you are meant to be.

By letting go, you become free of so many things that is burdensome and unnecessary. This may not happen overnight but as you let go, you will feel a sense of relief, a feeling of hope and a newness that will help you to become a new you, a new improved you!

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